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Maths resources

A few ideas for helping at home
Practise counting to 100, forwards and backwards, and from a range of numbers rather than just from 1! Practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s will support your child in learning their times tables (there are resources below to support this).
You can encourage your child to become familiar with notes and coins and to try using different combinations of coins to make certain amounts. For example, how many ways can they make 20p and can they draw their representations? Ask lots of questions - how many items costing 10p could they buy with a 50p coin? If they only had 20p but wanted to buy something costing 30p, how much would they need to make up the amount and which coins could they use? What would happen if they used a 10p coin to buy something costing 5p? Use real money if you can to make it a very practical experience!
Children should be familiar with their number bonds to 20 and this is something you can practice verbally. Ask quick fire questions - if I have 5 how many do I need to add to get to 10? What goes with 17 to make 20? This will help to keep their maths brains active!
There are some great easy to access lessons on the White Rose website - link below.