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Take Notice

Taking Notice means being present and taking notice of the world around us which can be something that we do during our everyday life. The key to taking notice is to be aware of what you’re doing and trying to engage with it. Taking notice means actively bringing our mind’s attention and interest to the world and observing what’s beautiful or unusual.

The presentation below gives all sorts of suggestions about taking notice.

One of the ways suggested is Mindfulness. This is a way of focusing on being fully present in the moment, and not letting our thoughts and worries carry us off and take over. In mindfulness we pay attention to the now – to our breathing, or the sounds we hear, or the feel of the ground beneath our feet – and to our thoughts as they happen, without judgement. It is a form of meditation and can help us to relax and be calm. There are two PDFs with lots of ideas for mindful activities below.