Alverton School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. To achieve our commitment, we will ensure the continuous development of robust safeguarding processes and procedures that promote a culture of safeguarding amongst our staff and volunteers.

The Woodland Nursery

The EYFS Curriculum

All of our adult led learning is based around a key story. From this we ensure that all areas of learning are covered and that there are plenty of enrichment opportunities planned and delivered. Alongside this we ensure that all children have the opportunity to follow their own interests and own lines of inquiry. We ensure that children are well supported by an adult as they explore, inquire and discover for themselves. Our environment is key to providing the children with meaningful learning experiences. Independence and resourcefulness are encouraged by making all of the resources available to the children all of the time. This way they are able to select and use resources independently, find what they need to extend their play and (hopefully) learn where everything goes by helping to put things away at the end of the session.

'Foxes" Room is led by Kayla Statham, our Deputy Nursery Manager who has many years of Early Years experience, is passionate about her role and leads a team of qualified Nursery Nurses. Children in Foxes Room are supported to separate from their carers, form relationships with others and begin to self regulate their feelings and emotions. They have access to all of the provision above and spend lots of their days outside exploring and finding out for themselves whilst being cared for by expert hands. Learning and enhancements come directly from the children's own interests and playful opportunities to extend children's understanding through stories, sensory experiences and real life experiences are readily taken.

In "Little Owls" pre school room, adult led learning is planned and delivered by Mrs Daylak, our qualified teacher, and runs through the daily provision.

Mrs Daylak is supported by a team of dedicated Nursery Nurses all of whom are level 3 qualified or above. Learning is planned around a story and typically lasts about two weeks. Early reading and writing opportunities are planned alongside exploration of mathematical ideas and concepts that link to the story. There are also lots of enrichment opportunities within the planning such as welly walks, cooking and woodland learning activities which usually include a bonfire and outdoor cooking experience. Children also take part in daily sound games which are delivered by Mrs Daylak towards the end of the session. Younger children are supported at this time with games that are appropriate for them which will provide the foundations for later learning.

Stories play a huge part of our daily routine and as well as there always being enough staff to have impromptu story times throughout the morning we ensure that there is a minimum of three stories in our morning sessions and three in the afternoon.

A typical day in our 'Little Owls" pre-school room starts with a half hour settling in period. Children are encouraged to self register and put their belongings on their peg supported if necessary by a member of staff. Children are encouraged to access the provision by the nursery staff ensuring a calm and purposeful start to the day. All of our children then come to the carpet for our morning welcome routine which includes singing, stories, counting and talking about the weather and seasons.

Children have direct access to the outdoor areas; usually we take advantage of our beautiful woodland unless high winds or torrential rain have made it inaccessible. We have an outdoor shed full of wet weather gear where children are encouraged to be as independent as possible when getting ready for outdoors, though an adult is always there to support and supervise.

Children are encouraged and supported to follow their own interests and the classroom and outdoor areas are well resourced and equipped to enhance and extend the children's play. We stop for snack and stories half way through the session and use this opportunity to promote children's independence by encouraging them to choose their own snack, pour their own drinks and help to tidy away at the end. Staff sit with the children at this time and model taking turns in conversation and attentive listening. 

To support our planning we use Development Matters, Birth to 5 Matters, Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised and the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory guidance.