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Good morning Bosigran,


I hope you've all had a really lovely weekend! Although it was a bit chilly, we enjoyed a delicious BBQ and a trip to the beach - as well as plenty of tennis obviously! 

This week the home learning is going to be a bit different again.  Mrs O’Rourke, Mr Hammond, Mrs Harman and I will be in school every day as the year 6s are back!! Because of this, we will not be able to be on Showbie, answering your questions and queries so we are going to set some home learning which you can crack on with on your own, without us in the background. 


You will find your English for each day on showbie as usual. The week we are using clips from the movie 'Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2' which is a great film!! 



Make sure you have completed your pyramid on Reflex Maths plus….

There will be plenty of my maths each day to be getting on with. Make sure you do the lesson before you do the task! If you finish and need more set, let us know. If you do complete everything, make sure you go back to any lessons where you haven't achieved 100% and try again. 

You can also check out ......

BBC Bitesize Home Daily -

Oak National Academy  -

White Rose Home Learning  -

and choose a lesson you fancy, or which you know you could do with revising.



The grids that we put up last week will stay on for you to continue with. There are loads and loads of fun things to have a go at!! Choose something you fancy doing each day. Maybe try using a different grid each day!


Have fun,


I look forward to seeing your work.


Mrs Clemens