Today's News

Good Morning Chobins, 
We hope you have had a lovely weekend and managed to escape the cool wind and the showers.  
We have a final grid for you all for the last few weeks of the term as we countdown to the summer holidays. There are lots of phonics and handwriting activities, plus some maths lessons, writing activities and some ideas for Own Learning which are all about bubbles or mini beasts. You can choose these in any order or in the order they are presented in. Whichever way you choose to do them, we hope you enjoy them. 
Let's hope that the Virtual Sports Week was a success; don't forget how important it is to keep fit, healthy and active, especially during these times when many of us are in lockdown and spending more time than we normally would at home. In between showers perhaps get out as much as possible and set off for a walk or a bike ride or even take your scooter. Maybe even go to the beach for a paddle or a swim if the weather is warm enough, although do remember that beaches may well still be without lifeguards so so be careful. 
If you have taken part in the Summer Reading challenge, we have some lovely certificates to give you. You still have time to get involved so just have a look at the information below...
Enjoy these last weeks and don't forget that the office is still open should you need to call us for any help, advice, support or even just to say hello. We will call back if you need to talk to either myself or Miss Hooton. 
Miss H and Mrs D xxxx