At Alverton, we want to give the children the very best learning experience that we can. We provide a rich and exciting curriculum that promotes independence and opportunities for everyone to succeed. We endeavour to find out what interests the children and how they want to learn and aim to give them the academic skills they need to allow them to progress confidently into the world and we celebrate their successes in all aspects of school life. We take a REAL Project approach to teaching and learning, through which we deliver a broad and varied curriculum which is hugely engaging and designed to ensure that all of our children succeed and love to learn. Please see the REAL Project section of our website (under the Curriculum heading) for more information about this.



REAL Projects involve taking a more creative approach towards the planning and delivery of lessons in order to immerse the children in their topic. Each key stage follows a rolling program of umbrella headings (such as World History) which ensures full and rigorous curriculum coverage in all year groups. Each term, the project is designed around a question or statement which drives the children’s learning and the teachers’ planning, ensuring an integrated, cross-curricular approach. The children’s learning is enhanced by visits / visitors and real-life tasks and leads towards a final outcome at the end of each term. The knowledge that an authentic audience will see their work gives the motivation to ensure that it is completed to the highest possible standard. Core subjects are integrated into the project and we plan and design learning opportunities that are relevant and engaging and have real-life outcomes.

We provide many opportunities for excellence beyond the classroom such as through our highly successful sports teams or our annual musical production. From Reception through to Year 6, we take opportunities to extend the curriculum through visitors. We use our amazing grounds as much as possible and get out and about in the locality and the wider environment as well as planning educational visits to enhance the children’s learning. Years 3 to 6 have the opportunity to spend time at a residential centre during the Summer Term, helping to develop self-reliance, co-operation and initiative as well as giving the children the chance to experience different activities and environments.



The effectiveness of our curriculum is measured in different ways. Teacher assessments and data analysis provides information about how children are progressing in the core subjects of English and Maths, supported by moderation and book scrutinies. Subject Leaders monitor standards in their subjects through looking at work, undertaking learning walks and pupil conferencing.

Pupil, staff and parent feedback is an important aspect of this our evaluation of the impact of our curriculum. Every end of term event has a feedback form for parents which are always overwhelmingly positive, describing the “buzz” around the school. Pupils value the opportunities that our curriculum provides: “I love talking about, and showing, my work to other people”. The staff’s view can be summarised in the following way: “The depth of the children’s interest, knowledge and understanding never ceases to surprise me”.

You can find out even more about the curriculum by contacting your child's class teacher at the school who will be pleased to elaborate further. In addition, please have a look at the other pages in this section of the website for further information.