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Good Morning Everybody!!


Welcome to the second week of your Easter holidays!


Hope you are all well. It’s a very strange time for everybody but we hope you are finding lots of different ways to enjoy yourselves. We have been getting on with lots of jobs in the garden, reading lots of books and trying to keep up with the Joe Wicks exercises - they’re really hard work! Our daughter, Rose has been baking something different every day and our son Danny has been composing new songs for his band. Our other son, Louis is at university in Prague in the Czech Republic; we miss him a lot but have been Skyping him regularly.


We will not be setting any Maths or English over the next week, but we are going to be suggesting lots of different activities you can try at home if you fancy.


There will be links to all kind of things to try, make, explore and discover, so dive in and have some fun.


This week’s suggestions. 


First of all, are sure you keep up to date with The Hobbit on the school website!


Take a Code Break


With schools closed and tens of millions of students at home, is launching Code Break — potentially the world's largest live interactive classroom with weekly challenges to engage students of all abilities, even those without computers.

Let us teach your children:








A series of short films making it fun, easy and cheap to do science experiments at home with your children (or parents!)





World Wildlife Fund


Lots of activities here to either do when you fancy, or watch live at different points during the week.






Siemen’s DIY Science challenges


Siemens has a series of DIY videos designed to encourage families to conduct at-home science experiments using common items found in kitchen cupboards. Create lava lamps using oil and food colouring; build towers made of spaghetti; make Coke cans implode and more. Each video guides viewers through the experiment before revealing the science behind why it works. Siemens has also produced a collection of interactive games aimed at getting children into engineering, from designing a rollercoaster, to discovering which energy is used to effectively power a farm, and programming a self-driving car.





Re-create a goal challenge


Mrs Harman found a great film on Twitter where two boys re-created some of the greatest goals in football history. they acted out the build-up, the goal and the celebration. What sporting moment could you re-create. Do some research, film it, then send it to us on the email below.


Try one of the activities from the "Beat the lockdown Boredom" board below. Or, if you don’t fancy any of these, why not make your own Beat the Lockdown Boredom board and send it to us. It could help others find something to do.


Last week, Mrs Clemens gave you some ideas for Diversity activities to try. this week she has given you suggestions for ‘Strong societies and helping others’. There are some fun activities to have a go at as well as the opportunity to design some badges that I’d love to look at when we’re back and choose some to make and hand out to children and staff throughout the school! 


You’ll find these resources on the Go Givers page.


Have a great week and keep in touch. We are looking forward to getting back into the Showbie routine next term.





You can share any of your triumphs or disasters by emailing it to: