Kerris News

Happy Tuesday Kerris!
No Zoom meeting today as I'm in school, you can still send a message in the 'I Need Help' folder and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can!
You can also contact me directly via the class email: 
In maths, we are really focusing on our tables knowledge as we move on to using written methods for multiplication and division. REALLY knowing your tables makes all of this learning so much easier so remember to practise your tables on Reflex each day, keep going till you get that green light! 
Keep up the great work Kerris!
Mrs K x
P.S. I'll keep adding examples of some of your learning on here so the whole class can see, as well as parents or the rest of your family. Keep sending your fab photos and videos! Thank you to those of you have sent photos of your bright clothes for 'Blue' Monday, I'll try to upload them whilst I'm in school tomorrow!