Today's News

Dear Kingfishers and Kingfisher parents,
It's the holidays so I won't be here every day - Mrs Dawe has a long list of DIY for me to attend to!  My daily schedule will consist of some reading - starting with Nan Shepherd - The Living Mountain- as well of course as listening to the latest instalment of the Hobbit!, some guitar practise (I am rubbish so I definitely need to practise!) and some DIY - starting with painting my windows!  I'll also be cooking and baking a lot and I intend to 'virtually' visit a different gallery or museum each day.  The link for the museum and gallery tours are on my 'Inspiration' page. There are lots of other great ideas and things to explore there too. Let me know if you find something cool and we can share it with the rest of the class! Maybe I'll tweet you some photos of what I'm up to?!  You can send me messages, photos and videos of what you are doing too if you like?   
Best wishes to you all and happy holidays!
Mr Dawe