Today's News
Good morning and happy Tuesday! 
I hope you all had a nice day and enjoyed the sunshine? Today is going to be another beauty by the looks of it! I hope that you can get out on your bikes or for a walk. We saw lots of caterpillars yesterday, which someone told me react to human touch and it makes them ill. I'm not sure if this is true or not but we were careful, just in case! 
Apologies that I didn't replay to later emails sent last night- I was asleep before 8! I'm in school now for the next few days so will get to them at some point today. I'm really excited about this, mainly because I get to see Miss Williams! I've really missed her! When you work really closely with someone every day and then don't see them, it's really hard (although she's probably been glad of the break and the lack of lists that I have given her!) :) 
Zoom will be on Thursday at 10- I'll email the link later! 
Have a great day! 
Mrs D x


I just finished reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Im furious- the plot line is full of holes! :)