Today's News
Well, we've made it! 
What a strange time it has been for all of us. A year we will never forget, that's for sure! 
Lockdown for me has been tough. Each day different and each day a new challenge or emotion to overcome. I cannot tell you how much I've missed my job and teaching your wonderful children. They give me purpose and although it is challenging, it is also one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have! 
You are all just amazing though! You have worked so incredibly hard and have shown patience and resilience even after hard days when you've wanted to give up. The photos and work that you have sent through have kept me going and it has been so lovely to see how much time and effort has gone into making sure not only that the children are happy but also still learning. 
I am just so incredibly proud of you all and genuinely feel sad that I couldn't finish the year with them. 
I wish you all a lovely, happy summer and please still email if you need anything. School is going to be very different yet the same when we all return and everyone has been working hard to make sure that everything is ready to welcome all of the children back safely. 
A final zoom meeting today at 9am. Sorry it's early but Bobby is visiting his new school at 10:15 so trying to squeeze it in! 
Sending a big squeeze to you all and a HUGE high 5 for making it through! Get out the bubbly! 
Mrs D x


Have you ever seen an elephant hiding in a tree? 
That's because they're really good at it! 
(I really wish I'd written these down!!)