Today's News

Good morning Lanyon and welcome to another week...
How are you all? I hope you've been keeping busy and enjoying your gardens! Has anyone been for a cycle? Now would be a great time to practise riding your bikes. I've been out whenever I can for a cycle- we're so lucky to live down here where we can do this! 
Just in case you missed my message from last week..
Miss Williams and I have had an idea... We'd like to make a little film of us all dancing. Miss Williams is a whizz at making films so if we all record ourselves doing a little dance to any music (we're adding our own song so it doesn't matter what you choose) and email it to me, that would be GREAT! It doesn't have to be long.. 
Thank you for the films so far! 
We will upload a project ideas page for the week ASAP- it's not working at the minute but will keep trying! 
This week is Easter week- why don't you look at the Easter story and turn it into a comic strip? Or create some Andy Goldsworthy art using natural materials? 
Really missing school and seeing all of your little faces...
Mrs D x
Why did the Egg hide?
Because it was a chicken!