Lanyon News

Morning everyone! 


I hope you're all feeling happier today after Blue Monday- it made me feel really sad seeing all those gloomy faces. And so, after that, I've named today CHEERY TUESDAY! So, put your best smile on, find a nice dress (Yes, dress!) to wear like Mia or some cat ears like Flo or a crazy hat like Miss Williams and start your day with a jump and a kick! 


Today's challenge is G. G for grow. If you're out and about today, have a look to see if you can se any signs of things growing. Can you see any daffodils or buds beginning to emerge? 


G is also for games. Oscar asked if anyone had played Junior Monopoly yesterday so why not get out a board game and play it? Or, could you make up your own game for us to see?


See you at 9:30 for Zoom! 


Mrs D x


P.S. What do you call a cow on a trampoline?

A milkshake! :)