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Daily planning Year 3 and Year 4 (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)


Dear Kerris, Lanyon and Trencrom classes.


Below you will find the LKS2 home learning activities for the end of term (all three classes). We hope you have fun doing these activities and we look forward to seeing you all at our final ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ Zoom on Wednesday! Your class teacher will email the link for the zoom meeting over the next couple of days. Below we have also posted some alternative learning activities for you to try. Please keep checking your emails for updates and links. 

Best wishes and thank you for your continued support. 


The Lower Key Stage 2 team - Mrs Knowles, Mrs Dennison and Miss Rudge 



Monday 19th July


English - Write a letter inviting a member of your class to visit Mr Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Explain that they have been selected to visit because of all of their hard work this year. Be sure to tell them when and where it will be happening and at what time! They might also like to know what they will get to see when they visit - but don’t give too much away!


Maths - Cooking at home is always a fun practical way to put your maths skills to the test. Can you use your measuring skills to follow a recipe? Or perhaps you could help with a shopping list - ask an adult to set a budget and plan your meals and shopping without over spending? How about carrying out a survey, you could present your findings in a range of ways using bar charts, pictograms or maybe even a ‘pie’ chart if you are surveying favourite foods/treats? 


Why not use “Prodigy” to practise some of your maths skills too?



Reading - Listen to this reading of Charlie and the Chocolate factory and answer the questions attached below for Chapter 1 and 2.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coGg0LMFKSE 

Afternoon Activity ideas - P.E.

Remember to keep active whilst you’re off this week but also safe as it’s very hot at the moment! 

  • Could you plan an alternative sports day at home? 
  • You could also make a fitness video or programme which you could practise during the summer holidays. 
  • Or how about finding a skipping rope and seeing how long it takes to do 100 skips?
  • Could you learn a new skill such as performing a crab, practising cartwheels or drawing a hopscotch grid on the floor with chalk to have a go? 

Tuesday 20th July


English - Today we would like you to design your own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory board game and write a set of instructions to go with it. Please see below the activity in detail and a checklist for writing a set of instructions. We would love to see what you have come up with at our zoom meetings!

Maths - Focus on telling the time today. Work out the length of your favourite TV programmes if you were to watch them all in one go! Perhaps you could be the clock for the day, telling the time whenever someone asks? Could record times for completing an activity, a game, an exercise or a task, and see who is the fastest in your house? 

If you haven’t already reached 100%, use Reflex Maths to help practise your times tables up to 12 x 12! If you have already reached 100%, can you design a worksheet or a game to help someone else learn their tables? 



Reading - Using the sheet below to help you, we would like you to write a character description. If you feel you would like to do more than one - go for it!

Afternoon Activity Ideas - Art

We have been learning to do still life drawings.

  • Could you set up some objects to sketch?
  • Why not have a go at drawing a flower from your garden or sketch a bird you can see. 

Wednesday 21st July 2021


English - Imagine you have just opened a delicious Wonka bar and discovered a golden ticket! Write your own diary entry about how you are feeling and what you are most excited about! Use the checklist below to help you write your diary entry. 

Reading - If you would like to finish listening to the story of Charlie and the chocolate factory, then follow the links from above and they should continue on the recommended watch side. Keep reading daily and keeping track of the books you read over the summer holidays. Also, here is the link to the summer reading challenge if you would like to take part. https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/news/general/wild-world-heroes-intro 


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Zoom! - Bring any work from the last few days that you would like to share for our last class Zoom of the year! Your teacher will email you details soon!

Afternoon Activity Ideas - French

Could you create an animal fact file and write sentences in French to describe it? 


Want more to do? Have a look at these links and activities for different ideas!