Outdoor Learning

Since October 2014, Ducklings Nursery have been taking advantage of their new woodland learning environment in a well-established woods. This special place is a beautiful and safe place to learn, where the children have the freedom to explore and investigate their natural surroundings.

The children have access to a purpose built Mud Kitchen all made from natural and reclaimed resources. This resource gives children endless, open-ended learning opportunities. Mud kitchens are brilliant for role play and creative development as the mud can become virtually anything! It’s also great for problem solving skills and learning about the natural world.

To encourage wildlife into the woodland area, the children have access to a bug hotel to which they can contribute natural objects found in the woodlands. The children enjoy discovering which creatures like to live in different environments and how to take care of living things.

Snack time often takes place outside on our circle on wooden benches; from here the children listen to stories and share learning. Inside the circle there is a fire pit. The children learn about fire safety and how to cook using its heat.

It is a fantastic place to play and learn and the children love to use it.