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Good morning!
I hope your Easter holidays are going well! 
This week is week 2 of the holidays and as you know I will not be posting on here the same amount of work. Instead I have put below some links for you to follow if you want to. I have added some Easter activities too for this week and a link to Paradise Park penguin webcam. You will not have to send me work but you can still email if you want to get in contact. 
Also on the website you can now find songs by Mrs England and teachers reading the Hobbit. 
Below is the link for the ideas for home learning for this week.
The scouts ideas look great fun - try one a day! See the link below.
You could also try one of the on-line activities from the picture below. 
Or go to Edinburgh zoo on-line! See the link below.
Or learn a new song.  Baby shark has a new song all about washing your hands! See link the below.
Or you can use any of the other links from the website.
Or the Easter activities.
Or decorate a window with a picture of a rainbow if you haven't already done one. This will show our support for the NHS and anyone else working hard to keep us safe. 
Have a wonderful Easter!
Stay safe!
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Lots of love 
Mrs Hughes
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