Teaching and Learning

The EYFS Curriculum

All of our adult led learning is based around a key story. From this we ensure that all areas of learning are covered and that there are plenty of enrichment opportunities planned and delivered. Alongside this we ensure that all children have the opportunity to follow their own interests and own lines of inquiry. We ensure that children are well supported by an adult as they explore, inquire and discover for themselves. Our environment is key to providing the children with meaningful learning experiences. Independence and resourcefulness are encouraged by making all of the resources available to the children all of the time. This way they are able to select and use resources independently, find what they need to extend their play and (hopefully) learn where everything goes by helping to put things away at the end of the session.

We follow the 5 a day rule in Nursery for stories and always play phase 1 sound games with children who are getting ready to start school. We ensure that daily routines include a counting element and plan for mathematical concepts and inquiries throughout our sessions.

To support our planning we use Development Matters, Letters and Sounds and the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory guidance.