The Lighthouse Cafe and Bookshop

We have recently opened the Lighthouse Café and Bookshop.

The Lighthouse Café and Bookshop is run by the pupils as a co-operative style enterprise. All profits from the sales of tuck and stationery are used to fund new books for which the children save their Book Bank cheques. Children can, of course, buy the books at any time using their own money or pay for books using a combination of their Book Bank cheques and cash.

Children gain Book Bank cheques through our behaviour and reward system and receive them when they have collected certain numbers of house points and BARTs (Behaviour and Reward Tokens). They build up a balance which they can then spend on any of the books which are stocked in the shop. These books are then theirs to take home and keep. All these books are brand new and sold for half the publisher’s marked price. This means that the children see a tangible reward for their good behaviour and we promote reading at the same time!