Today's News

As I sit here at my laptop, the beautiful, cold, sunny, crisply chilly day of yesterday seems a distant memory as I listen to the constant rainfall that has the feeling of wanting to stay all day. So, let Tuesday begin. Wrap up warm and seek out those waterproof trousers if you do venture outside. If you're feeling unsure about such an outing, I can strongly recommend a soggy walk, especially if you are wrapped up and able to take comfort in waterproofs. It really will blow the blues away. I shall do the same, of that you can be sure. So, if you head to the prom, and spot someone wandering around in wellies and more layers than a wedding cake, it's quite possibly me. 
Today is the last day of 'Owl Babies' so find what you haven't yet completed and get stuck in. If not, you still have today and of course you can continue with it after the next one is posted should your child wish to. You can of course continue with any of the grids if you wish to, although we are very much looking forward to the next topic coming out so watch this space and wait for Wednesday... :)
The Pinterest link for Choughs and Robins is still here if you haven't already seen it yet. We will continue to update Pinterest with new ideas, especially as the new topic comes out, so don't forget to keep checking!
We are still enjoying the posts you put up fo runs and cannot stress enough how much pleasure we get from seeing the faces of your children. To go from seeing them five days out of every seven to not at all is quite a shock to the system and not my favourite way to teach. So those photos are a positive note to our days when we're working from home. .
Don't forget you can email us on: We are more than happy to answer questions, offer support, advice or just listen. Any time. 
Meanwhile, take care, let's hope Tuesday, despite the weather, is a good day for us all, stay safe and stay in touch.
Much love and stay safe xxxx
Mrs Daylak & Miss Hooton xxx