Vision, Aims and Values


“Together we learn.”

Alverton School will be a safe, happy and respectful environment providing a diverse, exciting and challenging experience to encourage progress towards every child and adult’s potential.


At Alverton, we are committed to providing a stimulating, creative environment where everyone feels valued and safe, and pupils can flourish and reach their full potential. By providing a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum using the REAL project approach, and by promoting good behaviour and respect for all, we aim to enthuse all children with a love of learning and to foster a caring environment for all. Whatever the needs of a child, we aim to ensure that our pupils grow, feel safe, have fun and enjoy success. We want our pupils' time at Alverton to be memorable and to encourage them to become lifelong learners. We actively safeguard and promote pupils' welfare and we want everyone in our school community to feel a sense of pride and ownership in what we achieve together in providing the best possible learning opportunities for our pupils.



For the school to achieve an outstanding level of provision and outcomes for learners in the majority of assessed areas.


Leadership and Management

To provide strong, cohesive and effective leadership with a clear direction on improving standards and provision.

To develop distributed leadership at all levels, leading to greater shared responsibility for, and ownership of, the children’s experiences and achievements.


Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

To ensure that children receive teaching that is at least Good and often Outstanding.

To develop and maintain a stimulating, broad and rich curriculum through which children achieve excellence and enjoyment.


Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

To create and maintain a safe and secure environment for the education and care of the pupils in which every child can achieve their best.



To ensure that all groups of pupils make at least expected progress in Reading, Writing and Maths.

To raise achievement for all groups of pupils so that they are above national expectations.


Early Years Foundation Stage

To ensure that all children receive outstanding provision in the Early Years Foundation Stage which results in outstanding outcomes for children of all abilities.