Wizard of Oz 2015

"Once again, the children of Alverton rose to the challenge of staging a show of real quality in front of a large audience and, in doing so, demonstrated extraordinary levels of ability, confidence and determination. Whilst their performances on stage were impressive, it is their off-stage performances which have left an equally positive impression on the staff who have worked with them. Their maturity and overall approach to this project has been remarkable and is a real credit to them.
Of course a show of this scale and quality is only possible with a tremendous degree of teamwork on behalf of staff, parents and volunteers. I would like to record my thanks to everyone involved in the production for the time, commitment and energy they have invested in creating an event which will live so long in the memory of those who saw it, and perhaps more importantly, will become a cherished memory for the children who performed."
Martin Higgs 
22 May 2015