Bosigran News

Dear Parents,


In case there is another lockdown which causes schools to close, we wanted to share with you exactly how we will be managing the home learning during this time.


Firstly, we need your child to bring in their signed Device Loan Agreement Form which will enable them to take a school iPad home. Sole access to an iPad is essential, as we will be managing their learning through the Showbie app on the iPads.


Showbie is a learning platform which enables teachers to set work, record videos, host lessons, collect completed work and give written or verbal feedback to children.


All homework will be set using Showbie and the children have been practising using it in school. Each child will be in several classes on Showbie, normally an English group, a maths group and a class group. Work for the morning will be set in the English and Maths groups and the foundation lessons in the afternoons will be set in the class group.


Typically, the child will be taken through a lesson on a teaching video or presentation and then assigned a task. This task may well be in the form of a worksheet or series of questions. The children have been sent home with books in which to complete the work; once it is finished, they should take a photo of it using the camera on the iPad and upload it to the Assignment page on Showbie (they have already practiced doing this). The teacher will then look through the work and feed back to the child via the app. If the child encounters any problems, all they have to do is message the teacher on Showbie and wait for a response - we will be available for the duration of the school day.


Sometimes, the task will be completed on the iPad, using one of several apps the children are familiar with. Sometimes, the task will be more outdoors based and the iPad will merely be used to take photos which can be uploaded.


All passwords are written on the inside of your child’s Reading Diary.


If there are any issues which you would like to contact us directly about, you can email on