Daily planning Year 1 and 2

DAILY SCHEDULES (all earlier planning can be found on the Previous Planning tab, if you need to access it)
1st March
The inspiration for this week's English learning comes from:

'Big Blue Whale' by Nicola Davies.

Find out all about this truly majestic creature!
Year 1 
Below are the worksheets for Year 1. There is not a worksheet for Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.
Year 2 Spring Week 7: Geometry: Properties of Shape (No worksheet for Tuesday as it is an activity day. See video on White Rose)
Diving Deeper into Maths (Year 2)
If you would like to extend your child's mathematical thinking, consider using these resources with them to develop reasoning and problem solving skills. There is one set of activities for each of the lessons above.
This week we are looking at the ew grapheme which makes 2 different sounds (oo and yoo). Please read the overview at the top first and then work your way through the activities at your own pace. You should read the words on the powerpoints every day to develop fluency.