What is the Single Equality Scheme?

Our Single Equality Scheme and Action Plan integrates our statutory duties in relation to race, disability and gender and promoting community cohesion. The duties cover staff, pupils and people using the services of the school such as parents. The Single Equality Scheme also addresses the legislation relating to religion or belief, age and sexual orientation. It includes our priorities and actions to eliminate discrimination and harassment as well as advancing equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and people who do not share it.

Our Single Equality Scheme and Action Plan enables us to achieve a framework for action which covers all equality strands and ensures that we meet our responsibilities of the public sector duties in an inclusive way. We report annually on its progress which is reviewed by our Governing Body and covers activity undertaken in relation to the six equality strands and promoting community cohesion.

Can I get involved?

We welcome the views of all members of our school community in creating the Single Equality Scheme. We appreciate that the legislation states that it is important that minority groups (for race, disability and gender) are involved in the formulation and development of equality schemes and action plans and we endeavour to involve pupils, staff, governors, parents and carers and our wider school community in creating the Single Equality Scheme and Action Plan. This helps to ensure that the views of potentially disadvantaged groups are fully incorporated in the development of this Scheme.

We are grateful to those people who were involved in our previous consultations. If anyone is interested in being part of our ongoing consultation or has anything that they would like to raise in relation to the Single Equality Scheme, please come in and meet with any member of the Senior Leadership Team (Mr Higgs, Mrs Wicks, Mrs Hughes, Mrs O’Rourke, Mrs Hall and Mr Dawe) who lead the implementation of this scheme.