Kerris News

I just wanted to say a huge well done for all of the hard work you have put in during this lockdown Kerris, you have risen to the challenge once again and have amazed me with your learning.
This is us signing off now from online learning, Zoom and uploading to Showbie. I'm really looking forward to welcoming you back in to class on Monday and settling back in to our normal routine.
Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you bright and early on Monday morning!
Thanks again for all of your hard work - it will really have made a difference!
A special thank you goes to all of your parents for supporting you and helping us to all stay in touch, I look forward to seeing you next week too!
Of course you can still contact me directly via the class email:
Looking forward to seeing your lovely faces again, 
Mrs K x
Mums and Dads, here is the Tips for Returning to School, Nip it in the Bud video mentioned in the Friday News.