Key Stage 1

Welcome to Key Stage 1 at Alverton School!
Infants at Alverton are taught in three classes: Puffins (Year 1), Owls (Year 1&2) and Kingfishers (Year 2). The teachers of all three classes plan collaboratively together to ensure that the children across the Key Stage enjoy similar opportunities and challenges. We aim to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which children can thrive and flourish.
Learning in Key Stage 1 is based on our topic-led REAL Projects. Each term, the classroom learning environments are transformed so that the children are fully immersed in the topic. For recent topics our classrooms have been space rockets, castles and jungles! While we retain a strong focus on the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths, all our teaching and learning is framed with a cross-curricular approach and given a real purpose through meaningful outcomes.
Over the past few years, our project outcomes have included a medieval summer fair, a fundraising event for the World Wildlife Fund, an art exhibition at Penlee Gallery, the publication of volumes of our own fairytales and the performance of our own original Nativity play!