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Homeschooling part 2 is complete! Fingers crossed we never have to do that EVER again! However- you have all been AMAZING! 


You have given me a reason to keep going and have made every day seem positive. From your geography presentations, to your French work, your pages of maths and your wonderful writing- every day has been different and rewarding! 


I ended up in bed early last night with a migraine as I was SO exited in school yesterday!  I just can’t wait to have you all back! I hope that you’re feeling OK about returning. I’m actually feeling a little nervous about doing it all again and worried slightly that I’ve forgotten how to teach in front of a real class. I wrote a huge list to remind myself of everything I need to do and get ready in a week which was odd as I’ve been teaching for 16 years so I should know this by now but that’s what lockdown has done! 


You’ve all got a new pencil case for when you arrive and your name will be on your table so you will know where to sit when you come in. I’ve planned for us to go outside after break on Monday so make sure you have some wellies or old shoes in school for the week too. We’ve also planned some orienteering on Tuesday so we will be outside then as well! 




Zoom today will be at 1:30 with myself and Miss Williams so please try to join us if you can! 


Thank you Lanyon for just be wonderful and thank you parents for all of your support, kind words and emails- I’ve really appreciated this. 


For the final time….


Mrs D x


P.S. I stayed up all night wondering where the sun had gone. 

Then it dawned on me…. :) 


We have had a couple of issues with Showbie over the last few days, this should now be resolved. If you still have any problems with the App not appearing on your iPad, please let me know via
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