Welcome to the Woodland Nursery

The Woodland Nursery is set within Alverton School grounds and has a safe, secure and unique woodland environment in which children are encouraged to play and explore. We believe that access to natural environments has a direct impact on children’s wellbeing and education, which is why our children have free flow access to the outdoor areas throughout our sessions. 

As well as our incredible natural woodland area, we also have a large vegetable patch which we encourage the children to help develop and maintain, a soft-tarmac large scale construction area, a “Secret Garden” complete with bikes, trikes and playground equipment and access to the school’s large 2 acre playing field. Inside we have a spacious and well resourced natural indoor environment, which includes a busy home corner, a cosy “Book Nook”, a construction and small world area as well as an inviting little sensory room.

A typical day in nursery starts with a half hour settling in period in the classroom. Children are encouraged to sign in with help from their parents and then join one of the staff in an activity. There are always staff supporting children and families placed around the setting so that children can choose something that interests and engages them allowing parents to leave when they feel their child is settled. All of our children then come to the carpet for our morning welcome routine which includes singing, stories, counting and talking about the weather and seasons.

Children have direct access to the outdoor areas, usually we take advantage of our beautiful woodland unless high winds or torrential rain have made it inaccessible. We have an outdoor shed full of wet weather gear where children are encouraged to be as independent as possible when getting ready for outdoors, though an adult is always there to support and supervise.

Children are encouraged and supported to follow their own interests and the classroom and outdoor areas are well resourced and equipped to enhance and extend the children's play. We have a cafe style snack area which is always staffed and runs through the first part of the morning session. Children are encouraged to "read" the menu, select the right amount of pennies from their purse and "pay" for their snack by counting. We use snack as a learning opportunity and children are encouraged to join in conversations, take turns at listening to one another, independently select their snack and pour their drinks whilst being supported by an adult.

Adult led learning is planned and delivered by Mrs Hall, a qualified Early Years Teacher and runs through the daily provision. Learning is planned around a story and typically lasts about two weeks. Early reading and writing opportunities are planned alongside exploration of mathematical ideas and concepts that link to the story. There are also lots of enrichment opportunities within the planning such as welly walks, class trips, cooking and woodland learning activities which usually include a bonfire and outdoor cooking experience. Children also take part in daily sound games which are delivered by Mrs Hall towards the end of the session. Younger children are supported at this time with games that are appropriate for them which will provide the foundations for later learning. Stories play a huge part of our daily routine and as well as there always being enough staff to have impromptu story times throughout the morning we ensure that there is a minimum of 3 stories in our morning sessions and 3 in the afternoon.

As well as Mrs Hall we are lucky enough to be working in close partnership with a private setting which is housed on the same site. This enables our pre school children to have a maximum ratio of 8 children to 1 adult. All of our staff are Level 3 or above qualified Nursery Nurses. Mrs Roberts is attached to the school and has many years of experience and works alongside an additional 3 members of the team.

For more information or an informal tour of our nursery please contact Alverton School on 01736 364087 or secretary@alverton.cornwall.sch.uk