Alverton School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. To achieve our commitment, we will ensure the continuous development of robust safeguarding processes and procedures that promote a culture of safeguarding amongst our staff and volunteers.

School Development Plan


"Together we learn."

Alverton School will be a safe, happy and respectful environment providing a diverse, exciting and challenging experience to encourage progress towards every child and adult's potential.

Our Aims

For the school to achieve an excellent level of provision and outcomes for learners.

Quality of Education

To develop and maintain a stimulating, broad and rich curriculum through which children achieve excellence and enjoyment.

To ensure that all pupils achieve the best that they can, making at least expected progress in Reading, Writing and Maths by the end of each key stage. 

Behaviour and Attitudes

The safe, calm, orderly and positive atmosphere in the school impacts on pupils’ behaviour and attitudes, giving them the greatest possibility to achieve excellent outcomes.

Personal Development,

The curriculum extends beyond the academic to support pupils to provide for the personal development of all pupils to enable them to develop in many aspects of life.

Leadership and Management

To provide strong, cohesive and effective leadership with a clear direction on improving standards and provision.

To develop distributed leadership at all levels, leading to greater shared responsibility for, and ownership of, the children’s experiences and achievements.

Early Years Foundation Stage

To ensure that our provision in the Early Years Foundation Stage results in excellent outcomes for children of all abilities.