Daily planning Year 1 and 2

Monday 19th July 2021
Dear Puffins, Owls and Kingfishers,
Below you will find the home learning for all three Key Stage 1 classes for the last three days of term. We hope you have fun doing these activities and we look forward to seeing you all at our final 'Teddy Bear' Zoom on Wednesday!  Your class teacher will email you details of your Zoom soon. For those of your that are very keen, we've also included some additional links for fun learning activities that you might like to explore below.
Best wishes,
The Key Stage 1 team - Mrs Hughes, Mrs Clive and Mr Dawe
Monday 19th July
English - Write a letter inviting your favourite bears/soft toys to a teddy bears' picnic!  Be sure to tell them when and where it will be happening and at what time! They might also like to know what they will be getting to eat and drink and what games they can play!
Maths - Find a recipe for something you would like to make or bake for your bears picnic. Try to follow the instructions weighing and measuring the ingredients carefully. I have included a link to our favourite scone recipe below for you to try if you want? (It's from Nigella Lawson and is an absolute winner if you like scones - https://www.nigella.com/recipes/lily-s-scones) but you could make a cake or anything else that you think your bears would like?!
Reading - If you haven't already done so why not take this opportunity to sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge 2021 'Wild World Heroes at https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/news/general/wild-world-heroes-intro
Tuesday 20th July
English - Watch the story teller Tamar Williams reading her story 'The Library of Life' by clicking here. Now write your own version of the story in which your favourite bear saves the wild world from the man!  Be sure to send them to your teacher so that they can share them at your class Zoom!
Maths - Practise for your next Maths Jedi badge by writing out what you need to try and remember. Then practise on 'Hit the Button' or ask an adult to test you!
Reading - Download the free ebook "The secret Explorers and the Rainforest Rangers' from the publishers DK by clicking and following the instructions here https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/secret-explorers   Once you've read it you can submit a review on the website if you want to!
Wednesday 21st July 2021
English - Finish off your 'bear saves the Wild World' story if you haven't already and make sure it is beautifully illustrated. Be sure to send a copy to your class teacher for the Zoom (or perhaps you'd like to tell it?!)
Teddy Bear Zoom - Bring your bears to your last class Zoom of the year! Your teacher will email you details soon!
Want more to do? Have a look at these links for some different ideas!