Alverton School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. To achieve our commitment, we will ensure the continuous development of robust safeguarding processes and procedures that promote a culture of safeguarding amongst our staff and volunteers.

Curriculum Overview

At Alverton, we want to give every child the very best learning experience that we can. We provide a rich and exciting curriculum that promotes independence and opportunities for everyone, regardless of individual need, to succeed. We endeavour to find out what interests the children and aim to give them the academic knowledge, skills and cultural capital they need to allow them to progress confidently onto their future learning and into the world. We feel that reading is fundamental to a child’s success and ensure that this is embedded throughout the curriculum. 

All staff have a shared ethos and high expectations for all our pupils and celebrate their successes in all aspects of school life, encouraging pupils to reach their full potential and adapting the curriculum to meet the needs of every pupil. We deliver a coherently planned and sequenced, broad and varied curriculum which is hugely engaging and designed to ensure that all of our children succeed and love to learn.

We take a cohesive and coherent approach towards the planning, sequencing and delivery of lessons in order to ensure the children accumulate the knowledge and skills needed for future learning. Each key stage follows a rolling program of umbrella headings which ensures full and rigorous curriculum coverage in all year groups, enabling pupils to revisit and remember the content and skills they have been taught and to link these into new learning.

We firmly believe that our pupils need to be prepared for life in a technological world. We use iPads across the curriculum to enhance learning, develop IT skills and ensure that all pupils are enabled to access learning and record their work in a variety of ways. 


Early Years Foundation Stage 

Our curriculum centres itself around the Characteristics of Effective Learning and Development Matters, which underpin how children learn and the progression of skills needed to support children achieve the Early Learning Goals at the end of Reception. We provide a careful balance of child-initiated, adult-initiated and adult-led learning so that children can engage in a balanced curriculum, which includes focused planned teaching sessions as well as spontaneous learning opportunities. In addition to our teacher led session, continuous provision and enhancements offer the children enriching learning opportunities throughout their day. 

Our indoor and outdoor environments are inclusive, calm, well-organised and promote independence, ensuring children develop in their confidence and want to challenge themselves, problem solve and take risks.


To find out more about our curriculum, please contact your child's teacher or the school office on 01736 364087 (email 

Our Knowledge, Skills, Sequencing and Progression documents can be found on the individual subject pages under the Curriculum Subjects heading in this section.