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Girls football

Girls Football

Recently, Alverton School have started a girls football club which  has been a great success! They have been practising on the field every Thursday lunchtime and are preparing for the start of the league and festivals.

Mr Hammond, who is our coach, has practised with the girls and has trained us all up to win many matches. We have played against lots of different schools such as St Just, Nancledra and Gulval school. All of these schools have been very good and have won some matches but we have won lots too. 

So far, we have been to 18 matches and have roughly scored over 30 goals! This is amazing as some of us had never played football before. Sadly, in our last tournament  against Nancledra school we got knocked out, the final score was 4-0 to Nancledra.

The team is very exited for their next football match and can’t wait to see how the team gets on. Well done to anyone in our football team.


By Morva