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Home Learning Link

Hello everybody.
Please use the link below to take you to the
Woodland Nursery Home Learning pages
Hopefully we will be back at school soon but in the meantime there are a number of pages which hopefully contain some useful links and ideas to keep your little ones ticking along. There will be a new story and related activities every 2 weeks. You are under no obligation to do any of it but its there if you need it!
The most important thing you can do for your children in preparation for school is to continue to read stories with them every day. In Nursery we follow the 5 a day rule, and to be honest they would happily have even more than that-you really can't beat a good story! As well as stories pre-school children need LOTS of chat- I probably don't even need to mention that to be fair! The more conversations you have with your children, the better their language will be and as a result learning new skills such as reading and writing will be easier as will making links in their learning-everything revolves around that language building, so if you can get a word in edge ways, keep talking!
Again, if you need to contact me for anything, additional support or ideas for busy bodies please just use the tapestry app, it gets updated everyday. With love and best wishes, Mrs Hall x