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Bosigran News

Bosigran  News

Dear Bosigran!

Well this was not what Mrs Clemens and I expected! We are so sorry that we are not going to be able to say a proper good-bye but luckily we have done lots of great things together over the last weeks; Year sixes … that was the best slip and slide we have ever made!!! And luckily we have photos so will be able to re-create it next year for you year 5’s!

Your parents will be able to pick up anything left at school, just ring Mrs Gill or Mrs Stacey in the office to let them know they are coming. Thank goodness we had such a big tidy up on Friday. So pleased we emptied your trays!!!!!

We have found lots of fun activities that you can do over the next 3 days and you might even want to take a look in the holidays if we have a rainy day! 

There is a selection of activities for Maths, English and some other end of term projects that you will enjoy. 

We have not used Showbie because you don't have your iPads so you don't need to upload any of the work. 

We will be sending you a link to a Zoom meeting on Wednesday so that we can see each other to say goodbye and play some games! We will makes sure that all the Year Sixes can Zoom together.

We are so sorry that we are not going to be able to enjoy the last three days of school together…..we will miss seeing you tomorrow morning and look forward to our Zoom meeting.

Best wishes

Mrs C, Mrs H and Barnie xx

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