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Monday 1st March.

We hope you had a wonderful weekend. This is our last week of home learning!

This week's learning is about The Big Blue Whale. It is a non-fiction unit. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to seeing your work later.




We only 5 school days left or 7 days in total, then we will be back to school - all of us learning together - we can't wait to see you all!


You can collect a new learning pack from the office on Monday between 9 and 1 if you prefer paper!


The children’s wellbeing has always been at the absolute centre of everything that we do at Alverton. We have a whole-school focus on children’s mental health and wellbeing through “The Five Ways to Wellbeing”. This is a set of really simple actions everyone can take which have been shown to improve wellbeing. They are easy to remember and, as well as making you feel better in the moment, can also help build good mental health for the future.  


I am hoping we can add to our Reading Detective facts and word banks this week.


We have added two new resources - more singing and Sumdog app. Check the details below. 

We will add the previous days news to the tab below in case you have missed anything and you want to check back. 
Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on. It is wonderful to see short videos or news about your day. It really makes us smile.
Sharing good ideas
Jack T's mum found a really good App form the library service called Borrowbox. There are lots of audiobooks for you to enjoy. 

Hollie and Sienna’s mum has discovered that Amazon have got the White Rose Maths books on Kindle for free download at the moment. By clicking buy now, it downloads straight to your Childs device for free.


Do you like yoga? This is another great resource found by Jack T's mum. You journey through 5 mythical lands!  Enjoy!


Mrs Hanley and I will be available from 9 to 1 to answer emails. After that we might not read and respond to them until the next day.

Please see the daily schedules for your learning today and White Rose for the Maths. 

In Phonics you will be practising the ue grapheme.

On the schedule you will also see there is an activity planned for each day on other curriculum areas. These will add to your child's knowledge around nature. 
Remember you can shorten (or extend) any activity so your child remains engaged and not too tired.  Often a brief break (drink/snack, jump about, a laugh, positive praise) helps to refocus and motivate.
We have added a FAQ resource below to help with questions.
Looking forward to seeing your work later.
Have fun! 
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Mrs H and H.
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 Gallery of super work by Puffins!
Singing resources.
Do you fancy singing at home?  Here are some excellent resources so you can join in.  There will be live sessions every Tuesday at 9.00 on Youtube.  I'd love to see you singing! It makes us feel happy! 
Reflex Maths  
Login and have a go!  Click here for Refex!
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Password: a
Today's Reflex Stars are: Lowan, Sienna, Hollie, Jackson, Gia, Jack G, Kaden, Sasha, Primrose, Harry, Joshua,  Brodie and Jayden and Chloe.
Reading Detectives!  
Who can find new facts or new words?
New Fact:
Oscar - Penguins eat squid.
Jack T - A blue whale's tongue weighs as much as an elephant!
             - Hawaiian Monk seals are born with grey hair which turns black with age
             whereas humans are born with pigmented hair which turns grey with age. 
Kaden- An Atoll is a ring shaped reef, island or chain of islands formed of coral. 
Jack T -a marble sized ball of a dense dwarf star would weigh as much as 180 elephants ⭐
Story Time
Charlottes's Webb by EB White
Happy Birthdays
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